South R.M. Area Development Plan

As part of the Rural Municipality of Corman Park’s commitment to planning for the future, enhancing the quality of life for residents, and guiding coherent and sustainable development, we are undertaking the creation of a South Area Development Plan (SADP). This project was informed by South R.M. Survey and is being led by Stantec Consulting Ltd. on behalf of Corman Park.

Please find the What we Heard Report on the feedback from the first round of engagement. Come and go sessions were held showcasing the existing conditions of the area, as informed by a variety of technical studies currently underway; known opportunities and constraints; and provided an opportunity for attendees to ask questions in real-time to the project team. If you were unable to attend these sessions, information is provided here Phase 1 Engagement Presentation 

What is the South Area Development Plan?

The SADP will be a guiding document that defines a vision, land use concept, and implementation strategy for the South area of Corman Park. As shown on the map below, the area is comprised of over 50 sections of land located south of Saskatoon, surrounding Highway 11, Highway 16, and Highway 219.

South RM study_area

Background Information

The SADP area is the most densely populated area of Corman Park with over 15 multi-parcel country residential communities, including three hamlets, land holdings for two First Nations, as well as several agricultural residences and operations. There is also existing rural commercial, institutional and recreational developments located in the area. There are numerous transportation and utility lines that criss-cross the area creating barriers to development which need to be identified and managed. In the past, servicing within Corman Park has been on an individual basis for each site without a comprehensive servicing strategy. Creating a more cohesive vision will ensure that existing and new development is complementary to each other, and that services are provided as efficiently as possible.

The SADP will be informed by the Rural Municipality of Corman Park’s Official Community Plan (OCP), existing condition assessments of municipal infrastructure, servicing and geotechnical constraints, development opportunities, and the needs and preferences of ratepayers.SRM_Milestones

Project Process

Over the past few months, Corman Park has been working with the consultant, Stantec Consulting Ltd., to kick-off this project by sharing these past reports and studies, including information previously provided by user groups. Stantec reviewed the information and has begun completing supplementary studies: a groundwater study, a potable water and wastewater study, a natural area screening, a drainage study, a transportation study, and a shallow utilities study. Together, the results of these studies will form the existing conditions mapping for the SADP Plan Area, and provide insight to where opportunities and constraints lie, giving direction to future land use decisions.


If you have any questions, please contact Amanda Haeusler who will be leading the engagement for this project on behalf of the Rural Municipality of Corman Park at, or Kylie Stumborg, Corman Park’s SADP project manager at