Natural Area Screening Studies

What is a Natural Area Screening?

A Natural Areas Screening (NAS) study includes an analysis and inventory of data on wetlands, significant wildlife and plant species, and important heritage resources for a specific area. They are often required during various planning and development stages to help determine where development should be located and any specific mitigation measures that are required. 

All completed NAS studies are found under 'Important Documents'. Should you have any questions regarding Natural Areas Screening studies, please contact the R.M. Planning Department - policy section.

What is the P4G Green Network Study Area?

Within the P4G Planning District, a Green Network Study Area (GNSA) has been shown on the district land use map to help illustrate important regional natural, heritage and environmental areas. 

To assist the P4G partners in making informed decisions about the location and design of development proposals within and adjacent to the GNSA, a number of drainage and NAS studies have been or are scheduled to be completed by P4G. The study results will be combined to confirm or refine (change) the boundary of the GNSA. Refinement could include changing the associated future land uses on properties in or near the GNSA boundaries. 

Should you have any questions regarding P4G or the GNSA, please contact the R.M. Planning Department.