Road Construction & Maintenance

Each year Council approves the Local Road Construction Priority List to guide road construction projects for the year. The needs of all areas of the Municipality shall be given equal consideration. The establishment of priority projects is based on consideration of the greatest need, the most benefit, the availability of alternate routes and the condition of the existing road relative to the amount and type of traffic.

Road Construction Standards

Grading & Snow Removal

The Municipality is divided into 12 zones and a dedicated operator and grader are assigned to each zone. Grading in all zones is based largely on Mother Nature. If Mother Nature cooperates and conditions stay dry, and favorable, the graders are out in the zones on a standard rotation (anywhere from 2-3 weeks), with our high-volume roads receiving grading more frequently. Should the weather conditions become not so ideal, (rain, sleet,snow) and the roads become soft and compromised, then the standard rotation is disrupted.

Please note- roads designated on the map as summer roads or undeveloped roads are not maintained.

Snow removal operations are initiated when roads accumulate between 5-7 cm of snow or more. Operators follow a general schedule of clearing East-West arteries and then North-South arteries before completing all the roads within a zone. School bus routes are prioritized.

Gravel Program

The RM of Corman Park leases several gravel pits. Each year the Municipality crushes an average of 40,000 to 50,000 cubic yards of aggregate. Gravel crushing contracts are awarded to private contractors through a public tendering process.

If you are interested in supplying gravel to the RM or want more information about the tendering process contact Public Works.

The RM applies gravel to approximately 200 miles of road each year. Each spring the gravel program for the year is planned out. Some items for consideration include outstanding projects from prior years, ratepayer requests, the year that gravel was last applied and the existing gravel condition of the road relative to the type and amount of traffic.

What Type of  Permit do You need to Drive on RM Roads?
Please refer to the following document if you have questions concerning permits and other information concerning RM roads. 

Safe Driving Tips

Allow enough space between you and municipal equipment and sanding trucks. Reduced visibility may occur along with ice, small stones and sand being thrown from equipment.

Remember: Orange zone speed limit restrictions of 60 kilometres/hour applies to construction zones on municipal roads.