Home Occupations & Home Based Businesses

Both Home Occupations and Home Based Businesses are commercial endeavours carried out on residential properties in Corman Park. They must ensure the character of the district is not disturbed by dust, noise, smoke or smell generated by the use or substantially more traffic and parking than is normal is created. In other words the use must not create or become a public nuisance.

Home Occupation

A Home Occupation is an occupation conducted for gain solely by the resident or residents of the subject dwelling unit.  Home Occupations must be conducted entirely within the dwelling unit and cannot have any exterior evidence such as no outside storage or exterior display of goods, materials or equipment; no external advertising; and no use of an accessory building such as a garage.
Home Based Business
A Home Based Business is the conduct of a business from a residential dwelling unit or an accessory building on the premises.  A Home Based Business allows for up to two (2) outside employees not living in the dwelling unit; outside storage or exterior display of goods, materials or equipment and external advertising.  If a Home Based Business involves any outdoor storage or display, landscaping, fencing, or other screening is required to buffer the proposed development from adjacent neighbours.

Please note the outdoor storage of raw materials and unfinished goods associated with a Home Based Business is prohibited in multi-parcel country residential districts.
Approval Period
The approval is valid only as long as the property is occupied by the applicant, if a property is sold the use must be discontinued or the new owner must apply for and obtain a development permit.

In addition, all permits issued will be subject to the condition that the development permit may be revoked at any time, if in the opinion of Council, the operation has not met the regulations and standards contained in the applicable Zoning Bylaw, or the special standards applied at the time of approval.
Development Permit Application Requirements
The following is required in order to make an application:
  • A completed Application Form (PDF) and receipt of full payment of the application fee
  • A letter of intent describing the following aspects of the proposed activity including:
    • An estimation of traffic volumes generated to the property
    • Operational details including projected number of employees, seasons, days and hours of operation
    • Identification of safeguards that may be required to minimize nuisances to adjacent properties including noise, dust and odours
    • Identification of the available water supply
    • Method of disposal of solid or liquid waste
    • Any additional information concerning the use that describes the nature and intensity of use proposed