Appeal Process

The Board of Revision is the local (Municipal) level of appeal. Members of a Board of Revision are appointed by your municipal council but cannot be council members. The Board members, come from a variety of backgrounds and, like you, they are taxpayers.

Appeals may be initiated by any person with an interest in, or that is affected by the assessed value or classification of any property. This must be done within 30 days of the assessment roll being advertised or the mailing of the assessment notice.

Appeal Requirements
An appellant is required to provide significant detail in a Notice of Appeal (PDF). Complete in full the appeal form provided with your assessment notice. Attach to this form any other information supporting your appeal.

Be sure to state specifically where you think the error is, and the nature of the error. The details required include all grounds on which the appeal is based, including:
  • Description of the valuation or classification allegedly in error
  • Specific grounds on which it is alleged that an error exists
  • Summary of the material facts supporting the appeal
The secretary of the Board of Revision is required to place on the board list only those notices of appeal which include the above information. An appeal of property taxes cannot be placed on the list.

The Board of Revision is only concerned with whether or not the value of your property was assessed correctly. Your property assessment is made up of land or improvement (building or structure) or both. One or both of these assessments may be appealed.

Also, a fee of $75 per property appealed, payable to the R.M. of Corman Park No. 344, must accompany the appeal notice. The fee will be refunded if the appellant is successful in their appeal and a change in the assessment value occurs.