Fire Protection

The R.M. of Corman Park wishes to remind the residents of Corman Park about the importance of fire prevention.

Property owners are responsible for paying the cost of fire suppression on their property. This is the additional cost of the fire trucks and materials used to fight the fire. As per Fire Services Bylaw No. 05/21, property owners are responsible for paying the cost of fighting fires on their property to a maximum of $30,000.  Grass and brush fires generate substantial fire fighting costs (invoices of $20,000+ have occurred in the past) and are usually caused by carelessness.

Note: Check with your insurance agent to determine if your fire insurance policy covers the cost of fighting fires. An endorsement can be obtained for a nominal premium which reimburses you for the cost incurred in fighting a fire.

Fire Billing Statistics (Past Years)

Below is a chart of the fire billings within the RM. This only covers the fires that were billed to a property owner.

 YearTotal CostsAvg CostsMin CostMax Cost Total <$5k$5k-$10k>$10k 
2008$108,550.60$1,466.90 $250.00$11,928.60747031
2009$98,895.97$1,545.25 $250.00
2017 $248,313.36$6,207.83 $250.00 $51,504.00 402677


Controlled Burn

Any landowner planning to have a controlled burn on their property should call the provincial Controlled Burn Number at 1-866-404-4911.

If you are having a controlled burn in an area that another urban fire department would respond to, the Controlled Burn Office will advise the proper department of the date, time and location of the burn. Review a map of the fire department boundaries (PDF).


Land owners are reminded it is unwise to burn in very windy, dry weather and always provide extensive fire guarding before a controlled burn. Failure to do so is a contravention of The Prairie and Forest Fires Act.

 If a controlled burn has not been reported, the landowner may find him or herself facing a substantial fire invoice if a well meaning passerby calls in a fire report.


  •  Saskatoon Fire Department Emergency (or after hours): 306-975-3030
  •  Reporting a Controlled Burn: 1-866-404-4911