How often is my road graded?
  • The RM presently consists of over 1,019 miles or 1,640KM of roadway, within this amount there are approximately 900 miles of maintained gravel road. As you can imagine, it is no small feat to keep all these roads maintained.
  • The Municipality is divided into 10 zones and a dedicated operator and grader are assigned to each zone. Grading in all zones is based largely on Mother Nature. If Mother Nature cooperates and conditions stay dry, and favorable, the graders are out in the zones on a standard rotation (anywhere from 2-3 weeks), with our high-volume roads receiving grading more frequently. Should the weather conditions become not so ideal, (rain, sleet,snow) and the roads become soft and compromised, then the standard rotation is disrupted.
    Please note- roads designated on the map as summer roads or undeveloped roads are not maintained.

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