Why do we need a P4G planning district?

The latest projections show the Saskatoon region nearing a population of 500,000 in the next 20 years, and we anticipate the region could reach a population of 1 million in the next 60 years. To be ready for that kind of growth, the P4G partner municipalities have agreed to develop and adopt a long-term vision, land use and servicing plan with a regional focus. The P4G planning district will ensure there are balanced growth opportunities for all participating municipalities, while offering consistency and certainty for investors, businesses, and residents.

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1. What is the Partnership for Growth (P4G) Policy Area?
2. Why do we need a P4G planning district?
3. If I want to develop my property after the P4G planning district is in place, will I need approval from all five partner municipalities?
4. My property is in one of the areas shown as ‘Growth to 700,000’ on the P4G OCP maps. What does this mean?
5. My property is in the Green Network Study Area. Can I develop it?
6. Do the land use designations on the District Land Use map mean I cannot develop my land for several decades?
7. Will the five P4G municipalities be amalgamated into a single municipality?
8. What is the proposed governance structure for the P4G planning district?
9. What will be the process to change the P4G OCP - including the District Land Use map?