Planning & Development


111 Pinehouse Drive
Saskatoon, SK S7K 5W1


Link: Planning and Development Page

Zoning Compliance Certificates, File Searches, General Inquiries - please contact planning email

Joanne Bradley, Planning Administrative Assistant 

Building Permit Inquiries

Minor applications - Heidi Hamilton, Development Officer

Major applications - Cory Boudreau, Planner 2, RPP, MCIP

Development Permit, Rezoning & Subdivision Inquiries

Minor applications - Kristie Muzyka, Planner 1

Intermediate applications - Jeremy Dela Cruz, Planner 2

Major applications - Adam Toth, Senior Planner, RPP, MCIP

Policy Section - Concept Plans, Growth Studies, Concept Plans & Bylaw Amendments  

Minor applications -  Shayden Brandt, Planner 1

Intermediate applications - Jessica Mitchell, Planner 2, RPP, MCIP

Major applications - Vicky Reaney, Senior Planner, RPP, MCIP

Planning Department Director

Rebecca Row, RPP, MCIP

Please Note: When contacting our Planning Department, include the Legal Land Description, as it speeds up the time it takes to answer any questions you have.

Name Title Email Phone
Bradley, Joanne Planning Administrative Assistant 306-975-1648
Hamilton, Heidi Development Officer 306-975-2137
Boudreau, Cory Planner 2, Building Permits 306-975-1665
Muzyka, Kristie Planner 1, Development Review 306-975-1646
Dela Cruz, Jeremy Planner 2, Development Review 306-978-6451
Toth, Adam Senior Planner, Development Review 306-975-0208
Brandt, Shayden Planner 1, Policy 306-978-6421
Mitchell, Jessica Planner 2, Policy 306-978-6465
Reaney, Vicky Senior Planner, Policy 306-975-1663
Row, Rebecca Director of Planning & Development 306-975-1654