Regional Node Concept Plan


New Update: Phase 1 of the project engagement timeline has been completed. The final What We Heard Report for Phase 1, drafted by ISL, summarizes the feedback received from stakeholder meetings and a drop-in open house on Thursday, October 5, 2023 at the Warman Home Centre Communiplex. The project has moved into Phase 2 - Analyze.

The three Project Partners, the Rural Municipality of Corman Park, City of Martensville, and City of Warman are initiating a P4G Regional Node Concept Plan Study. Through this Study, we will work collaboratively to identify a P4G Regional Node, a shared area, to locate amenities that mutually benefit and better connect our communities. The Project Partners have retained ISL to create a P4G Regional Node Concept Plan. 

P4G Regional Node 1

P4G Regional Node 2Location - Considering complex drainage and servicing limitations between the municipalities, the Plan will identify the most appropriate place for the P4G Regional Node.

Amenities – The Plan will envision a P4G Regional Node that will facilitate the development of amenities that service the region within the study area. 

Connectivity - The Plan will identify an optimally situated location. We will consider vehicular and active transportation facilities to maximize connectivity between the three municipalities.

Land use The Plan will highlight potential land uses that complement and support the Regional Node.


How We Make Decisions

The Project Partners will make decisions after receiving technical guidance from ISL and public feedback. We will present the P4G Regional Node Concept Plan to all P4G Councils and interested parties. We are committed to collaboratively working together for optimal regional growth and development according to P4G Policies and Standards.

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