Blumenheim Policy Review Project

In 2007, R.M. Council approved bylaw amendments to the R.M. of Corman Park Development Plan (OCP) and Zoning Bylaw to recognize the historic Mennonite settlement of Blumenheim. The amendments included creating subdivision policies for the community of Blumenheim within the OCP and the Agricultural Residential 3 Zoning District (AR3) within the Zoning Bylaw.

The intent of 2007 bylaw amendments was to accommodate agricultural residential development and retain the long lot form of traditional Mennonite settlements across the Canadian prairies (i.e. farm houses and businesses oriented along the main street). Since the adoption of the bylaws, the R.M. has heard from landowners in Blumenheim that they wish to subdivide, re-configure or further develop their properties but are unable to do so under the current bylaws. This is due to specific bylaw restrictions such as the types of land uses, the size/layout of the property, requirement to retain the long lot form or keep buildings close to Township Road 395.

Corman Park is now re-engaging with Blumenheim landowners to determine if the current bylaws are still consistent with the community vision, subdivision/development desires, servicing constraints and municipal land use planning principles. 

Our first letter and questionnaire for the Blumenheim community was sent in May 2020. As a result of responses to the questionnaire, R.M. Administration created subdivision and land use options that were shared at an in person Blumenheim ratepayer meeting on October 7, 2020 in Osler. Click here to view a copy of the powerpoint presentation.

April 2021 Update

As a result of the information gathered from the community meeting and feedback from R.M. Council, R.M. Administration has created subdivision and land use bylaw policies that could allow further property development and subdivision. We want to share these bylaw policies and get feedback prior to R.M. Council considering first reading of the necessary bylaw to make the changes. 

Click here for an overview of the changes and survey that has been created for you to review and comment on. Online engagement is open from April 8, 2021 to April 30, 2021.

A public hearing for the proposed changes is anticipated to be held by R.M. Council in summer 2021. Blumenheim ratepayers will be offered the opportunity to provide a written submission or speak at the public hearing; this date will be finalized depending on when first reading is given to the bylaw.

Should you have any questions regarding existing or proposed bylaws, the policy review process, or if you prefer to provide feedback directly, please do not hesitate to contact Brittney Beckie at or at 306-978-6450.