Rat Control

Prevention is the simplest and most effective tool to manage rat populations. Simple steps to take include:
  • Burn and bury old grain
  • Clean up spilled grain and garden waste
  • Cut tall grass
  • Keep piles of lumber, wood, scrap, etc... away from buildings
  • Maintain safe access for Pest Control Officer to conduct regular inspections
  • Minimize water and food source access
  • Practice prevention baiting: it’s a good neighbor policy
  • Properly dispose of harborage, rubbish, and debris
  • Rat-proof your buildings
  • Rotate location of grain bag storage from year to year
Rats are nocturnal; if you see rats in daylight, it is a likely sign of an infestation. Report rat sightings to the RM Pest Control Officer immediately at 306-221-4013.