What is my Zoning District? What is my Policy Area?

Corman Park has two Policy areas: the Partnership for Growth (P4G) Policy Area and the RM of Corman Park Policy Area for the remainder of the RM. Your policy area will determine your zoning district. The map showing the distinction between these two bylaws (as well as the applicable Official Community Plan and Zoning Bylaw) can be found here, or by using the Interactive Map here. (Interactive Map -> Planning Development -> P4G Planning District Boundary). For more information on the Interactive Mapping feature, please contact the RM Planning Department.

The Interactive Mapping feature will also display zoning information. To search for a location, you may find it by zooming in on the map, or by using the search function. 'Searches' allows you to find your parcel using your complete tax roll number, address, legal land location, road, or longitude and latitude.  Once you find the parcel in question, simply right click on it and a pop-up window will appear. Your zoning information will appear under the Zoning Code. Select the hyperlink and you will find an excerpt from one of the Zoning Bylaws regarding your District.

**UPDATE** Zoning information shown in the interactive mapping system may be currently inaccurate as the system is updated to represent the amended RM Zoning Bylaw and the new P4G Zoning Bylaw. Additionally, any properties which fall within the new P4G district, have been recently rezoned, etc. and may not show the correct zoning on our Interactive Mapping as it is being updated manually. Until the mapping has been updated, please either reference the mapping in the P4G Zoning Bylaw and the RM Zoning Bylaw for updated Zoning Information where applicable or contact the Planning Department for the most up to date information on zoning information.

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