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Posted on: February 27, 2020

Driving Safety on R.M. Roadways

Drive it Home Safety for Rural Roads

Every year accidents occur on Saskatchewan roadways involving equipment and vehicles that results in serious injury or fatalities.  Many of these incidents are the result of individuals being struck or crushed by equipment.  Recognizing these statistics, the R.M. would like to communicate how important it is for every driver on our roadways to adhere to safe operation of motor vehicles, especially around graders as these vehicles are on the roadways every day.   

The R.M. has a large network of roads that can present challenges, including sight distances that may be shorter than normal, reduced or no shoulders, sharp curves, and many T- intersections, all alongside graders working on these roadways.  Maximum speed limits are to be adhered to at all times and should be regarded as maximums under ideal conditions.


Two thirds of total collisions are related to a driver condition or improper action such as following too closely to equipment, failing to yield to heavy machinery, driving too fast for road conditions and changing lanes or passing improperly.


Approximately 90% of all collisions in rural Saskatchewan are single vehicle collisions.

Wearing a seatbelt can reduce your chances of being killed in or seriously injured in a collision by as much as 50%


Allow enough space between your vehicle and all municipal equipment such as graders, tractors, heavy trucks and sanding units to avoid incident.

Windrows created by graders may contain loose stones and rocks.  Please try to avoid driving over or on top of windrowed material, as this may result in personal or vehicular damage.

Reduced visibility may occur in proximity to equipment, along with ice, small stones, road dust and sand being thrown from equipment.

When travelling near or behind a grader please reduce speed to 60km/hour or lower, yield to machinery, stay back at least 15 meters and use patience.  A little extra care and time can save lives and damage to your personal property.

Let’s all do our part to make our R.M. roads safer!                                                

Remember to “Share the Road” and “Think and Drive”

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