Make a Payment

The Rural Municipality of Corman Park accepts the following forms of payments. At this time we do not accept payments made by E-Transfer or over the Phone.
Please click below for more information on each form of payment.

In Person Payments

The RM accepts cash, cheques, credit card, and debit card payments for any service at the Administration Office.


We are offering online payments for the following 5 services. 

  • Property Taxes
  • Bylaw Tickets and Fines
    • For Bylaw Tickets and Fines please use your 4 or 8 digit ticket number located here. 
  • Accounts Receivable Invoices
    • For Accounts Receivable please use your 7 digit Customer Number located here.
  • Utility Bills
    • For Utility Billing please use your 13 digit Account Number located here. 
  • Zoning Compliance Certificates
    • For Zoning Compliance Certificates, the application form is located here and is required to accompany the payment.

Online Banking Payments

The RM accepts online payments for water utility, accounts receivable and property taxes.  To make an online payment log into your online banking and select add payee and complete a search typing in Corman Park. The following 3 options should appear below:


Complete the process by selecting an option and entering the payment amount. 

Credit Card Payments

You can now make payments online for various RM services with most credit cards. 

To make a payment please click on this picture to be forwarded to the OptionPay site.

Optionpay Logo Opens in new window

What is OptionPay?

OptionPay is a payment card system the Rural Municipality of Corman Park uses for its online and credit card transactions. You can find more information on OptionPay by visiting their website here.


Is there an added fee to using OptionPay to pay my bills?

Yes. All transactions carried out through OptionPay follow a tiered fee schedule, starting at a minimum fee of $2.00. To see the full fee schedule for using this payment option, please visit their fee schedule here.


Why is there an added fee to pay with credit card?

The fees are administered through the OptionPay program for the use of their service, and not through the Rural Municipality of Corman Park.


Is my credit card/information secure with this program?

OptionPay provides information on their security measures here. Although OptionPay is Secure Trust Compliant, the Rural Municipality of Corman Park takes no responsibility for and accepts no liability in the event of security breaches, technical difficulties, or other issues that may arise from your use of OptionPay. All users accept responsibility for their use of this service and do so at their own risk.