Flood Plain Mitigation - Feasibility Study

In 2018, the R.M. undertook a two-dimensional (2D) hydraulic modelling and mapping study (phase 1) of the South Saskatchewan River flood plain to determine what areas of the flood plain are floodway (no or limited development allowed) and flood fringe (development may be allowed subject to conditions). The modelling determined that some areas are considered flood fringe where development can occur subject to development conditions, however the majority of the floodplain has been identified as floodway where development cannot occur. 

At the June 15, 2020 R.M. Council meeting, a motion was passed supporting a budget request to complete a feasibility study for flood mitigation options in the flood plain, as a means to reduce the floodway. The focus was on three different options for levees, including Valley Road. At the July 13, 2020 R.M. Council meeting, Barr Engineering was retained to complete the feasibility study building off the success of their phase 1 work, their knowledge of the model and overall experience and knowledge in the subject matter. 

The following scope of work is to be provided :

  • Develop design assumptions to evaluate three dyke concepts; and create concept level drawings to illustrate them.
  • Hydraulic modeling and analysis
    1. Modify the phase 1 hydraulic model to simulate proposed three scenarios; 
    2. Compare these scenarios to existing conditions to assess potential impacts on the flood profile and velocities in this area
  • Cost estimates & Reporting
  1. Develop concept screening level cost estimate for the three alternatives
  2. Provide a technical memorandum/report to document the results

A final report is expected by February 2021.

For more information on the floodplain mitigation feasibility study please contact the R.M. project manager, Jessica Williams at jwilliams@rmcormanpark.ca or 306-975-2136.