Saskatoon Freeway

The Saskatoon Freeway (formerly Perimeter Highway) is a provincial highway system that will partially encircle the City of Saskatoon with portions in Corman Park. As a provincial highway, the Ministry of Highways & Infrastructure (MHI) will be leading the planning and construction of the highway, however the R.M. is involved as a stakeholder.

MHI is now undertaking functional planning, or more detailed design of the Saskatoon Freeway, starting in 2019. Functional planning study will determine how the Saskatoon Freeway will look and operate in the future including where the centre line of the road will be and the type of interchanges, service roads and accesses on and off the freeway. Please visit the project website at

Should you have any questions regarding the Saskatoon Freeway please contact the R.M. Planning Department.