Multi-Parcel Subdivision

A multi-parcel subdivision is a subdivision application for more than five (5) residential sites per quarter section, three (3) residential sites per 80 acres, or for commercial, industrial or intensive recreational purposes. 

Comprehensive Development Review (CDR)

Comprehensive Development Review (CDR) is required by the Zoning Bylaws to be prepared and submitted in support of any application to rezone or subdivide land for multi-parcel country residential, commercial, industrial, or intensive recreational purposes .


Multi Parcel Country Residential Subdivisions

The purpose of these subdivisions is to accommodate a country residential development in a rural environment where the essential land requirement is for a building site and space rather than for productive agricultural purposes. Consideration of the rezoning and subdivision of lands for this purpose is considered by the R.M. Council based on the current supply of multi-parcel country residential parcels from time to time in any given period and the current demand for this form of country residential lifestyle. 

To view maps of the existing Multi-Parcel Subdivisions in Corman Park please click HERE.