Single Severance Residential Subdivision

The purpose of single severance residential subdivisions is to accommodate residential development on a quarter section to a maximum of five (5) building sites per quarter section or three (3) building sites per 80 acre parcel.  Please note there are exceptions to these residential densities under the "5 per Quarter Constraints Overlay Areas" section noted below.

Basic Development Review (BDR) 

Basic Development Review (BDR) must be completed by someone wanting to subdivide and/or rezone land for low density, single severance residential development.Rezoning application may also be required, depending on what a landowner is proposing. 

5 per Quarter Constraints Overlay Areas

Recently passed bylaw amendments allow for increased residential densities in some areas of Corman Park. However, there were a number of exclusion areas where these density increases can not be allowed at this time. In these areas residential densities remain at two (2) building sites per quarter section or one (1) building site per 80 acres. Please download the 5 per 1/4 Constraints Overlay Map (PDF) for more information on these constraint areas noted below.

Future Urban Growth Overlay

Recognizing the R.M.’s commitment to regional planning efforts, Council decided to exclude the proposed residential density increases from inside the Regional Plan study area boundaries at this time. As in the original bylaw submission, the proposed amendments do not apply to the area within the Corman Park - Saskatoon Planning District either.

Council remains committed to working with the urban municipalities at the P4G meetings to revise the exclusion area through the P4G Regional Plan process as opportunities come available through regional negotiations. For more information on the P4G Regional Plan please visit  the project website at

**UPDATE: On July 18, 2016, R.M. Council approved First Reading of Bylaw 30/16 which is a proposed map amendment to allow a number of properties within the P4G Regional Plan study boundary to be eligible for increased residential densities. For more information on the public hearing, proposed Bylaw 30/16 and to see copies of the proposed maps please click HERE

Flood Plain Overlay

The Water Security Agency (WSA) recommended undertaking hydraulic modeling to allow for additional development in the flood plain with the other option being for the R.M. to disallow 5 per ¼ in the flood plain. The two options were presented to R.M. Council and it was determined that the modeling would not be undertaken at this time and that the flood plain areas would be added to the exclusion map.

During discussions on the bylaws, WSA indicated that the two parties should work together to explore any federal or provincial flood mitigation program funding that might emerge. Council has approached the WSA to see if joint funding is available to undertake this study. 

 **UPDATE: In June 2016 the WSA contacted the R.M. to submit an application under the National Disaster Assistance Program which is administered by Public Safety Canada.  A funding request has been made to produce flood hazard mapping and an updated hydraulic model for the South Saskatchewan River in Corman Park. The adjudication of the applications should be complete in September 2016. More information on this project will be made available once received; please contact the Planning Department with any questions. 

Saskatoon Freeway Corridor Overlay

The Saskatoon Freeway (previously known as Perimeter Highway) needs to be re-aligned in the south east quadrant; the R.M. has provided a protection area where the residential density increases would be excluded until the Ministry of Highways & Infrastructure has completed a general location study to select a new route. After such a time the R.M. will pursue amendments to include the remnant areas in the residential density increases.

For more information on the South Saskatoon Freeway General Location Study please visit the Ministry of Highways & Infrastructure project website.

**UPDATE: While the South Saskatoon Freeway General Location Study has not been completed, the Ministry of Highways & Infrastructure has revised the study area and subdivision/development restriction areas for the project. This allowed a number of properties in the southeast portion of Corman Park to be eligible for increased residential densities. Bylaw 13/16 received Ministerial approval on May 10, 2016 and is considered effective after that date. If you 
are unsure if you are able to subdivide under the new density increases please contact the Planning Department.