North Corman District Development Appeals Board

Because Corman Park has a Zoning Bylaw in place to regulate development, the provincial Planning & Development Act, 2007 requires us to appoint a Development Appeals Board to adjudicate development and planning related appeals.

Corman Park is a member of the North Corman District Development Appeals Board (NCDDAB) which is a six member board made up of representatives from each of the partnering municipalities of Corman Park, Warman, Martensville, Osler, Langham and Dalmeny.
All ratepayers wanting to appeal a decision in their municipality must apply to the NCDDAB.  To make an application to the NCDDAB, complete and submit the Appeal Application form, along with the required $300 application fee.
If a party is dissatisfied with the NCDDAB's decision a further appeal to the provincial Planning Appeals Committee may be possible.
For additional information on the NCDDAB, please review the information sheet.