Approach Construction

Application for Standard Approach Approval

As per Approach Bylaw 25/23 of the Rural Municipality of Corman Park (RM) construction, alteration or relocation of an approach within the RM cannot be undertaken without written approval from the RM. Download an Approach  Application  Approval (PDF) to get started.

Application Process

Applications must be made by the land-owner of the property to which the approach would or does grant access. Applications shall consist of a completed Application for Standard Approach Approval and either a  $390 fee (which includes an administration fee and the cost of the installation of a Civic Address sign) or a $240 fee (alter or relocate access, construct secondary or temporary access [no civic address sign needed]). All new approaches require the installation of a culvert to aid in the dispersal of water during spring run off.  Applicants must flag/stake out location of proposed approach, and must indicate the flag/stake locations on the completed diagram included on the application form.

If a written notice of approval is granted, construction must be completed within 6 months or such period as specified in the written notice of approval or the applicant may be required to submit a new application and inspection fee. All new approaches are required to have a culvert, the minimum required size will be determined by the RM after a site inspection.

Approach construction must conform to all conditions outlined in the written notice of approval, the general regulations listed below and any other existing government regulations, policies and bylaws.

General Regulations

  • The approach shall be constructed with clean earth, free from objectionable material such as organic matter, frozen soil, topsoil, stumps, trees and rock.
  • All approaches shall be constructed in the following manner: 
    • Minimum of 400mm = 16 inch diameter culvert or as directed by the Director of Public Works or their designate. All culverts installed must be corrugated metal pipe with whistled ends (beveled). All culverts are to be sized to the drainage requirements of the ditch.
    • In the instance that there is no ditch depth, then approval from the Rural Municipality will be required for approach installation without a culvert.
    • All topsoil must be removed from ditch prior to culvert installation for ease of water flow.
    • Approach surface must be crowned with a minimum of 300 mm = 1 foot of compacted clay cover at the shoulders of the approach with finish grade at a minimum of 50 mm (2 inches) of 20 mm (¾ inch) crushed gravel, compacted 
    • Road Approach shall be a minimum roadway width for:                                                                                                                 a.  residential approaches 8 meters (26.25 feet)                                                                                               b.  agriculture/industrial approaches 10 meters (32.81 feet).
    • Culvert inlet and outlet aprons to be constructed with rip-rap and/or end sections at the discretion of the Director of Public Works or their designate.
    • Culvert markers must be installed at the top of both ends of the culvert. (Type CM-SD/01 or Steel Cor specification) Which is acceptable to the Director of Public Works or their designate.
    • Road approaches should have a minimum distance separation of 30 meters (100 feet) and align with existing approach(s) across from both sides of the municipal road when possible.
    • Road approaches should be a minimum of 100 meters (328 feet) from the intersection of any municipal roads and highways. 
    • Road approaches should be aligned perpendicular with the road centerline unless otherwise instructed by the Director of Public Works or their designate.