Subdivision is the process in which a parcel of land is divided into two or more parcels, in order to obtain separate legal titles for each parcel. The provincial Community Planning Branch with the Ministry of Government Relations is the approving authority for subdividing land in the R.M. All applications for subdivision must be submitted to Community Planning in order to begin the process.

Note: In some cases, a rezoning will be required to support the proposed subdivision. The application for rezoning should be submitted to the R.M. Planning Department at the same time you submit your subdivision application to Community Planning.  Visit the Rezoning page for more information. 

If you need further assistance contact the Planning Department to help you determine what you require.

Subdivision Application Process

A copy of the subdivision application is referred by Community Planning to the R.M. for review, comment and endorsement. The applicant includes a plan of proposed subdivision prepared by a Saskatchewan Land Surveyor. The plan of proposed subdivision shows the location, dimensions and boundaries of the parcels to be subdivided and includes sites features such as existing buildings, approaches, adjacent roadways, water bodies, municipal or environmental reserve lands and utility rights-of-way.

The R.M. Planning Department reviews the subdivision application for compliance with the relevant Official Community Plan and Zoning Bylaw and any other planning policies; with a report and recommendation prepared for Council. If the application complies with all requirements, Council can recommend to Community Planning that the subdivision application be approved. 

If an applicant receives subdivision approval, they must meet the conditions of approval, which may include such things as entering into servicing agreements, dedicating municipal or environmental reserve, paying subdivision servicing fees or upgrading roadways or other services. Once these conditions of approval have been met, Community Planning approve the subdivision, which will allow the plan to be registered at the Land Titles Office in order to create the new legal titles for the new parcels of land.

Contact a Surveyor

For a list of Saskatchewan Land Surveyors practicing in the R.M., view the Surveyor Vendor List or conduct an online search.

Subdivision Servicing Fees

Notice: new planning application and subdivision servicing fees will come into effect on June 1st, 2023. Visit the project page for more information.

In order to recover the Municipality’s cost of providing services, the R.M. requires subdivision servicing fees to be paid according to the following:

  • New residential subdivisions: $6,560 per lot
  • Subdivisions involving existing residential development: exempt
  • New commercial or industrial subdivisions: $10,560 per lot

Single Severance Subdivisions

This page is for landowners who propose to make application to subdivide for residential development to a maximum of five (5) building sites per quarter section or three (3) building sites per 80 acre parcel.

The completion and submission of a Basic Development Review (BDR) is required in support of any application to rezone or subdivide land for single severances; the Single Severance Subdivision page also includes information on the required BDR.

Multi-Parcel Subdivisions

This page is for landowners who propose to make application to subdivide to accommodate multi-parcel country residential, commercial, industrial, or intensive recreational developments.

The completion and submission of a Comprehensive Development Review (CDR) is required in support of any application to rezone or subdivide land for multi-parcel country residential, commercial, industrial, or intensive recreational purposes; the Multi-Parcel Subdivision page also includes information on the required CDR.

Land Dedication (Municipal and Environmental Reserve)

Municipal Reserve

Provincial legislation requires that Municipal Reserve (MR) dedications must be provided at the time of subdivision. Residential subdivisions are 10% of the gross area and all other types of subdivisions are 5%. In many cases, and especially for single severance subdivisions, the R.M. will take a monetary cash-in-lieu payment instead of land dedication. The payment must equal the market value of the required land in a subdivided, but unserviced state.

As MR is a provincial requirement, dedication requirements cannot be verified until after Corman Park receives a subdivision referral from Community Planning. For example, the first parcel subdivided from the quarter section may be exempt from MR. 

Generally once you know the size of parcel you are subdividing you can estimate the MR required. Using a 10 acre subdivision as an example, 10% of this parcel would equal a 1 acre land dedication or a cash-in-lieu payment equating to this market value. The R.M. completed a MR market valuation in 2015 and once the MR value is confirmed by Community Planning, the R.M. Planning Department can provide you with an estimated cash-in-lieu payment.

Environmental Reserve

Provincial legislation requires that some lands be designated as Environmental Reserve (ER) at the time of subdivision. These parcels may contain such things as ravines, coulees, swamps, water courses or lands that are unstable, needed to help prevent pollution, preserve lake shores or to help protect against flooding.

An ER parcel may be left in its natural state or developed as a public park depending on why the land is designated as ER.  There is no minimum requirement for ER dedications, these will be site dependent.