A development permit is required for the erection, display, alteration, relocation or replacement of any temporary or permanent sign unless exempted in the Signs not Requiring a Permit List. 

Each category of signs are briefly described below and have their own specific requirements in the Zoning Bylaw.

Sign Permit Application.

Free Standing Signs

A free standing sign is independently supported and visibly separated from a building or other structure and permanently fixed to the ground. Billboards are separate from free standing signs.

Attached Signs

Attached or fascia signs are attached to or project, either vertically or horizontally, from the face, canopy or roof of a building.

Temporary Signs

A temporary sign is not permanently installed or affixed in position and advertises a product or activity on a limited basis. Temporary signs may be placed in public rights of way for the purpose of advertising special events and have certain limitations. 

Off Premise Identification/Directional Signs

An off premise identification or directional sign is in a different location from the land on which the business or activity is located. This type of sign is meant to be directional and is limited to the type of enterprise, direction and distance to the enterprise; advertising is restricted.


Billboards will only be permitted in sign corridors that have been designated by Council.

Signs Not Requiring a Permit
The following signs do not require a development permit:
  • Regular sign maintenance including painting and repairs due to deterioration;
  • Municipal and provincial agency signage;
  • Traffic and pedestrian control signage;
  • Decal or painted window signs;
  • Signage intended to regulate hunting or trespassing on private property;
  • Agriculturally related signage including herbicide, insecticide or seed advertising promotional signage;
  • Real estate signage;
  • Residential name plates;
  • Neon beverage signs, on or in the window of a commercial establishment or vending machine; and
  • Works of art containing no advertising.