Secondary Dwellings 

Secondary Dwelling Units

What is a Secondary Dwelling?

A secondary dwelling is a separate, independent dwelling unit located on the same site as a principal single unit dwelling (residence). Depending on your zoning district, a secondary dwelling may be permitted, discretionary or prohibited. 
In most cases, only one secondary dwelling unit may be permitted on a site.

There are several different kinds of secondary dwellings including:
  • Garage Suite;
  • Secondary Suite;
  • Garden Suite;
  • Farmhand Dwelling; and
  • Temporary Construction Dwelling.

What permits are required?
A development permit will be required, it may be a permitted use which Corman Park staff can approve or it may be discretionary, where Corman Park Council must approve. 

If you are constructing a new building, a building permit is required. If you are utilizing an existing building, you will require a renovation/addition building permit. Existing buildings may require upgrades or changes to the existing structure to ensure it is capable of being used as living space.

Please contact the Planning Department for more information on secondary dwelling development and permit applications.

Garage Suite

A garage suite is a type of secondary dwelling unit which is part of a detached garage or other permitted accessory building. A garage suite may be located within, attached to or above the permitted accessory building, and must conform to the secondary dwelling, garage suite, and all other requirements of the applicable Zoning Bylaw.

Secondary Suites

A secondary suite is a type of secondary dwelling which is a separate living quarters within the primary residence which contains bedrooms (or sleeping quarters), a bathroom and a kitchen (or cooking components). A secondary suite must have a separate entrance from the main dwelling unit within the house. The entrance can be from either the common indoor landing or directly from the side or rear of the house. For more information regarding secondary suites, see the applicable Zoning Bylaw.

Garden Suites

Garden suites are meant to provide temporary accommodation for individuals or couples as a means to give care and support to physically dependent persons. The garden suite may be used by the persons needing the care or the people providing the care on-site.

Garden suites are separate structures placed within an existing yard site and since they are meant to be temporary in nature, they are typically modular or mobile homes or constructed for easy removal (e.g. no basement development) or renovation (e.g. turned into another type of secondary dwelling or non-habitable accessory structure). For more information regarding garden suites, see the applicable
Zoning Bylaw.