Building Relocation

Notice is required when a building is being relocated within a property, relocated to a new property within the R.M. or relocated into the R.M. from another municipality.

Building Relocation Process Overview
  1. Contact the Planning Department to confirm the property is eligible for a Building Relocation Permit.
  2. Submit the Building Relocation Application along with any other applications necessary for the proposed construction along with the required $250 application fee.
  3. The R.M. will have the building inspected before it is moved and issue a report indicating whether or not the structure is suitable to be relocated.
  4. Pre-move inspections are not required for the placement of new Ready-to-Move Home (RTM) or mobile homes. Relocated RTM’s are subject to all of the requirements contained herein.
  5. If the building is suitable to be relocated, a completed building permit application form shall be submitted. For residential building permit requirements, visit the Residential page. 
  6. Upon review of the submitted plans, a Development and a Building Permit may be issued subject to addressing any remedial measures identified in the plan review.
  7. After the permits have been issued for the relocation and replacement of the building, as well as the construction of the foundation, the applicant is responsible for contacting MuniCode Services Ltd. to arrange for all required inspections.