Building Removal/Demolition

Notice is required to be provided to the Municipality prior to the decommissioning or removal of a building in the R.M.

Building Removal/Demolition Process Overview

  1. Submit, along with the required $10 application fee, the Building Removal or Demolition Application and a site plan clearly showing the location of the building on the property and the proposed burial site if applicable.
  2. A building may not be decommissioned or removed from a property until the R.M. is satisfied that there are no debts or taxes in arrears or taxes outstanding with respect to the building or land on which the building is situated.
  3. The applicant must deposit with the R.M. such sum as is indicated in the table below to cover the cost of restoring the site after the building has been demolished or removed to such condition that it is, in the opinion of the R.M. or its authorized representative, not dangerous to public safety:
Type of Structure Deposit Required
Agricultural Buildings $200
Residence/Accessory Buildings (Above Grade Only) $1,000
Residence/Accessory Buildings (Above and Below Grade) $2,500
All Other Buildings/Structures $4,000

  1. The acceptable methods of disposal of demolition debris are as follows:
    • Inert materials including rocks, sand, mud, slurry, broken concrete, glass and rubble may be buried on site after removal of all organic or potentially hazardous materials.
    • All organic materials such as lumber should be burned on site and buried.
    • All potentially hazardous materials including asphalt shingles should be removed and taken to the landfill.
    • All buried debris shall be covered by a minimum of 24 inches of soil.
  2. Prior to conducting a controlled burn, the appropriate fire protection service and the R.M. of Corman Park Police Service should be notified. This notification should be provided the day of the burn. To determine what fire protection agency to contact, please refer to the Fire Fighting District Map or contact the Administration Office for more details.
  3. Prior to burying the demolition debris, the applicant must notify the Planning Department to arrange for an inspection of the premises. If in the opinion of the Planning Department, the debris has been properly disposed of and the site can be restored to a condition satisfactory to the local authority or its authorized representative, the sum deposited, or portion thereof, shall be refunded.