Residential Building Permits Application Requirements

The following is required in order to make an application:

Supplementary Information

The following information may be required with your application, please review the supplementary information to ensure you have all the required documents:
  • Declarations: All applications for residential construction shall include the submission of a Declaration of Conformance With Ventilation Requirements Form completed by the plumbing and heating contractor chosen to complete the work.
  • Design Worksheets: With the following building projects, the Building Permit Application Requirements identified above may be satisfied through the submission of a design worksheet. Based upon the nature of construction, these worksheets are intended to replace building plans:
    • Accessory Building Worksheet - Provides the essential  construction information required by the National Building Code for Attached and Detached Garages, Sheds, Pool Houses, etc. in a simple worksheet.
    • Deck Worksheet - Provides the essential deck construction information, required by the National Building Code in a simple worksheet.
    • Mobile Home Worksheet - Identifies the structures CSA number and the means by which the structure is intended to be anchored to the ground.
  • Guidelines: Basement Development Guidelines - Provide direction for basement projects intended to assist contractors and home owners in preparing floor plans.