Public Works

  1. Annual Report

    Annual Report

  2. Bid Opportunities

    Access bids and RFPs for consultants, service providers, contractors, vendors, and suppliers.

  3. Approach Construction

    As per Bylaw 17/13 of the Rural Municipality of Corman Park (RM) construction, alteration or relocation of an approach within the R.M. cannot be undertaken without written approval from the R.M.

  4. Custom Work Services

    The R.M. of Corman Park offers custom work services to residents of the Municipality at reasonable rates. Custom work is completed as time permits, with the understanding that Public Works will take priority.

  5. Damage Claims

    If you believe that the R.M. has caused damage to your property during the course of road maintenance or construction, or if you believe that the R.M. may be liable for damage incurred as a result of negligence please complete the appropriate claim form and submit, with pictures, to the R.M.

  6. Dust Control

    Learn about the regulations for controlling dust on haul roads and other roads.

  7. Garbage Disposal

    Bylaw No. 14/88 requires that all loads of garbage or other waste products be secured properly through tarping or a similar method.

  8. Municipal Shops

    The Public Works Department operates from 4 shops in the R.M.

  9. Recycling

    There are recycling bins available at all landfills/transfer stations, the 33rd Street municipal shop and in the Town of Osler. Recycling services are all free of charge.

  10. Road Construction & Maintenance

    Each year Council approves the Local Road Construction Priority List to guide road construction projects for the year. The needs of all areas of the Municipality shall be given equal consideration.

  11. Road Signage

    Residents are reminded that there are over 400 intersections in the Municipality and that not all intersections are controlled. Please adhere to the rules of the road when approaching these intersections.

  12. Wastewater Management

    Learn about the wastewater management systems available throughout the R.M.

  13. Water Fill Stations

    Find a water fill station in your area.

  14. Water Systems

    All potable water is treated by the City of Saskatoon whom sells the supply to SaskWater who then sells directly to the R.M. The Municipality has 3 employees that hold a Level 1 Water Distribution certificate licensed through Saskatchewan Environment.

  15. Weed & Pest Control

    You are required by law to manage pests and weeds on land you own or occupy.

  16. Weight Restrictions

    Get information about the weight restrictions of roads in the R.M.