General Information

  1. Community Centres

    There are 7 Community Centres in the R.M. of Corman Park. Please Note: If you wish to host an event (Family Reunion, Wedding, etc.) at one of the facilities, you may require a Noise Permit. Please view our Noise Bylaw and contact the office at 306-242-9303 if you have any questions.

  2. Corman Park Overview

    Living in the country can be wonderful. There is more room between you and your neighbours. You are close to deer, small animals, birds and the natural environment. The changing seasons are at your door. For many people, it’s the only lifestyle they would ever choose.

  3. Education

    Learn about the school boundaries and divisions in the R.M. of Corman Park.

  4. Hunting

    Hunters are asked to follow guidelines when hunting in the R.M.

  5. Prairie Farm Rehabilitation Administration (PFRA)

    Get information from the Prairie Farm Rehabilitation Administration (PFRA).