Comprehensive Development Reviews (CDRs)

Comprehensive Development Review (CDR) reports are required by the Zoning Bylaws to be prepared and submitted in support of any application to rezone or subdivide land for multi-parcel country residential, commercial, industrial, or intensive recreational purposes.


Why Submit a CDR?

CDRs are intended to provide RM Council and Administration with a complete overview of how the proposed development successfully integrates itself physically, socially, and financially with existing properties, owners, and development in the immediate vicinity. In addition to addressing matters of land use integration, a CDR is intended to assess the capacity of the supportive municipal and provincial infrastructure as it relates the demand created by the proposed development.

What is Included in a CDR

The CDR is prepared and provided as a companion to the relevant Official Community Plan and Zoning Bylaw and is intended to itemize and summarize the various topics to be covered. Typically the CDR is broken into two sections: the first section contains the bulk of the written narrative regarding the proposed development with the second part containing a series of appendices comprising the technical reports, records of consultation with the public and correspondence with the various regulatory bodies. It is important that the applicant makes reference to the appendices throughout the text in the first part to communicate how the development concept has responded to the technical conclusions.

How to Prepare a CDR

Read the CDR Information Package and Checklist (PDF) to make yourself aware of the requirements. You are encouraged to do as much preliminary background work as possible prior to hiring a professional planner, architect, engineer and/or other professionals as required, in order to reduce your costs. Once a preliminary draft CDR has been prepared, you should contact the Planning Department so an initial review may be undertaken prior to submitting the final report.

Upon conclusion of the initial review, the Planning Department may provide written comments that you will have to address as part of the formal submission. Once these comments have been addressed a final CDR may be submitted for Council’s consideration, which must include:

  1. A minimum of 2 bound copies of the CDR (additional copies may be requested at a later date)
  2. A single complete digital copy of the CDR in a PDF format
  3. A digital copy of an Executive Summary in a PDF format
  4. A completed rezoning application along with the applicable fee if required
  5. An AutoCAD file containing the Plan of Proposed Subdivision if required
  6. A signed and dated Plan of Proposed Subdivision in a PDF format

In addition to the items identified above, the Summary of Servicing Worksheet that is included in the CDR Checklist (PDF) should be completed and submitted with the final report. This worksheet is intended to provide a summary and specifications for the property servicing. Cost estimates are to be included for the purposes of calculating the financial security that will be required within a development and servicing agreement.

Pending CDRs (under review and/or recommendation to Council)

Approved CDRs

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