Basic Development Review (BDR)

A Basic Development Review (BDR) is a summary of land use, site servicing/infrastructure, parcel access and hazard lands for a specific area. 

When to Submit a BDR

A BDR is required within the R.M. of Corman Park Official Community Plan (Development Plan) to be prepared and submitted in support of any application to subdivide and/or rezone land for residential development that is proposed within agricultural districts to a maximum of five (5) building sites per quarter section or three (3) sites per 80 acre parcel. 

Subdivision and/or rezoning applications for multi-parcel residential development in excess of these densities requires the submission a Comprehensive Development Review (CDR), which is a separate checklist and process that can be found HERE.

Why the R.M. Needs a BDR Submitted

BDR's are intended to provide R.M. Council and Administration with an overview of how the proposed subdivision and/or rezoning complements existing properties and development in the area. In addition to addressing land use, a BDR is intended to assess the capacity of the supportive municipal and provincial servicing/infrastructure as it relates to the demand created by the proposed subdivision and/or rezoning.

Included in a BDR

The following items must be included in the preparation of a BDR:
  • General property information (legal land description, number of lots, etc.)
  • Current and proposed land uses(s) of the property
  • The potential offsite effects of the proposed subdivision and/or rezoning on adjacent properties
  • Identification of potential hazard lands and the proposed methods of mitigating the hazards
  • The location of, and access to, provincial and municipal transportation routes
  • The provision of services/infrastructure, including but not limited to power, natural gas, telecommunications, water supply, and onsite wastewater disposal systems
  • Drainage/storm water management, flooding risks and protection of significant natural areas
  • The local capacity of fire and protective services, schools and other supportive community and recreational facilities
  • Appropriate supplemental information specific to the particular land use
NOTE: R.M. Administration will not consider an application complete and will not begin processing a subdivision and/or rezoning application without the submission of a BDR. If components of a BDR are missing or incomplete the applicant will be asked to revise and resubmit information prior to a recommendation being presented to Council. It is Corman Park’s expectation that applicants will do their due diligence in contact servicing agencies about capacity issues or setback concerns while they are compiling their BDR for submission.